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Date of Birth:  18.03.21

Breed:  Saddleback cross

Saffron came to the wood with Patsy from a nearby farm.  They both had hernias on their tummy, which meant they were rejected by the butcher.  Once at the wood, they had their hernias removed and both made full recoveries.  They are both distantly related to Nora – we think she is their great great grandmother.

Saffron is a confident pig, and loves to be in the centre of things.  She is very nosy – if anything is happening you can guarantee she will be in the middle of it!  She is very close to her sister Patsy, and Florence and Greta, who have taken on a mother role to them both.  They all sleep and eat together as a family.

To adopt Saffron for one year, please order via our online shop.  If you have any questions regarding annual adoptions please email the adoptions team at

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