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Date of Birth:  18.03.21

Breed:  Saddleback cross

Patsy came to the wood with her sister Saffron from a nearby farm.  She was rejected by the butcher due to a hernia on her tummy, so she came to the wood instead.  The hernia was quickly removed, and Patsy made a full recovery.

Patsy is a very confident and playful pig.  She loves her sister Saffron and her two new mummies Florence and Greta.  She is very cheeky and will jump up at the gate and shout at the volunteers if they don’t bring her food out quickly enough!  

To adopt, please submit your donation of £25.00 (or £30 for International orders) via the 'Donate' link below and email the adoption team at with a copy of your PayPal receipt and confirm who you would like to adopt, what name you would like on the certificate and the name and address you would like the certificate sending to. If you don't have a PayPal account, see the donate page for details of how to pay by debit/credit card.  If you have any questions before adopting please do email the adoption team.

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