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Sadly, Lottie passed away suddenly and peacefully in her sleep some time during the night of 29 Nov 2020. This was totally unexpected as she didn't show any signs of illness and had been up and about eating that evening. The autopsy showed that she had liver failure due to a tumor which grew and caused internal bleeding. She wouldn’t have been suffering or felt any pain as part of the liver was still functioning.


Lottie and Dottie arrived together at the wood in February 2018, she was born in 2012. Due to the life they experienced beforehand at a livery stable, where they were regarded as a nuisance. They spent most of their time hiding in the wood avoiding contact, due to their mistrust of humans and other animals. However recently Lottie befriended one of our team member's Becky and enjoyed being stroked, which was such a breakthrough and a real privilege for Becky. 

Quite often Lottie and Dottie would come running when their names were called for food, they had everyone searching for them in the wood, playing hide and seek. Somehow they always managed to find somewhere new to hide, setting us a challenge each time.

Lottie was a very brave pig, often protecting Dottie from others, but also eating her food at every opportunity. 

We will miss you Lottie and you will stay in our memories never to be forgotten. We can only hope that Dottie finds a companion with another sensitive pig.

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