Date added 12/1/21


Kevin is 4yrs old, castrated, and described as a ‘micro pig’. Size: “60cm/50?  Short, stocky...And quite heavy.” He needs a new home due to a change in the family’s business. Previously he was able to be out with the other animals but now he is unable to free roam & he’s become very lonely and depressed as a result.


His family say “He likes other animals, especially cats! He’s quite well trained, he will come to his name, sits for treats on ‘sit’ command, knows what ‘out’ means if he’s in the way or somewhere he shouldn’t be... loves all food (especially apples) except anything from the onion family!” He really needs a confident home without young children as his family say “..he senses as soon as someone is scared of him so he almost taunts them a bit ! He just runs a few steps at them or tries a shoulder barge.”


“Wormed 6 months ago. Feet just trimmed and teeth cut (a week ago). Vaccinated when he was about 8 months old. That’s his only one.”


His family would love to see him in a home with other pigs where he can have company all of the time. No doubt he’d love a cat friend or two as well.


Currently in Wiltshire, they are able to transport and would consider any distance to get him a good home where he will be happy again.

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