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On Monday 5th April 2021 our beautiful Kate suddenly passed away following a heart attack, at only 6 years old. There were no signs or warnings that she was unwell, in fact it was only in the morning that she had been playing with buckets of water.

Kate had a big personality and had made her way to the top of pig status becoming the matriarch. She loved this position and had gained the respect of all the other pigs, she particularly loved sampling their food.

We have been so privileged to have spent 5 years with Kate and although she was unpredictable at times and sent a few of us flying, she was much loved.

Unfortunately large pigs are not bred for longevity and are designed to put on a lot of weight within a short period of time. Thereby putting a strain on their heart and vital organs. We are discovering that pigs do have a lot of health issues, most are due to genetics but others to bad diets/environments.

Kate you have left a huge gap in the wood and your loss is immense.


Kate was the largest pig in the wood but preferred to stay separate from the larger pigs. She came to the woods after she was traded by a farmer for a car. Kate’s new owner could no longer look after her as she outgrew her house. She was named Kate after Kate Moss because she had long legs and looked like a model! Loved to adventure deep into the woods and could sometimes be difficult to find but always made it back in time for breakfast and lunch. Liked to mother the younger pigs, loved to have her belly rubbed on her terms.

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