Date added to list:  8/12/20


Date need to move by: ASAP


Number of pigs: 1


Reason for rehoming:  I’ve moved out of my parents house and I can’t take him with me


Name/Breed/Ages/Size: Hugo, Potbellied. 7 years old. Roughly 2 1/2ft high. 160kg 


Castrated/Spayed: Castrated


Location: Kent


Transport available: Up to 100 miles maximum


Vaccinations/Worming/Health: Wormed April 2020


Personality: “He likes belly rubs. He can be a little grumpy and aggressive, but that’s mainly when it comes with food or changing his bedding. I’ve had him for 4 years and he’s been on his own all the time, but before I got him he had a female partner, but she was taken away from him and he was left on his own.”


Updates from new home required: Yes, essential. Hugo’s human would still like to be able to visit Hugo as well. 


Anything else: Not suitable for Rehoming with young children as Hugo needs his boundaries respected. 

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