Date added 8/12/20


Hugo is a 7 year old castrated pot-bellied pig. His human has moved out of his parents’ home and can’t have him in the new place so Hugo needs a new family.


Hugo is 2 1/2ft high, 160kg & wormed in April.


His human says “He likes belly rubs. He can be a little grumpy and aggressive, but that’s mainly when it comes with food or changing his bedding. I’ve had him for 4 years and he’s been on his own all the time, but before I got him he had a female partner, but she was taken away from him and he was left on his own.”


Currently in Kent, his human really wants to be able to visit Hugo regularly so a home within an hour of Kent would be preferred. His human can help move him. Ideally within 60 miles, but could go further. Keeping in touch and updates are essential.

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