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June 2014 - 11 March 2022

Breed:  Middle white

Heartbreakingly, our beautiful girl Greta passed away suddenly. It was a huge shock to us all as she was her normal self the day before. We had suspected that Florence would be the first to go, as she has been fighting skin cancer for some time. Unfortunately pigs hide illnesses well and sometimes we don't know there is anything wrong until it's too late.

The vet suspects she had a tumor that had caused an organ to rupture, luckily she hadn't suffered until that point.

We will never forget how loving Greta was towards Patsy and Saffron and had taken them on as her own piglets along with Florence. She was certainly a character and would always be at the food area waiting for treats.

Greta and Florence came to us two years ago on the day she was booked to be euthanised, as the City Farm where she was kept had closed down due to the Covid outbreak.

At least Greta had the opportunity to live naturally among her friends and was loved dearly.

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