As of Sept 2021 Florence is currently unavailable for adoption as very sadly she has been diagnosed with cancer and we don't know how long she has. Rest assured she is getting plenty of love and care. If you would like help fund her treatment you can do that via the Donate button  at the bottom of the page.


Date of Birth: June 2014

Breed:  Middle white

Florence and Greta were rescued as an emergency from a city farm in Sheffield in April 2020.  They were collected on the day they were due to be put to sleep.

Florence has some health issues, for which she is receiving care.  She is very close to Greta, and both have been given a new lease of life with the arrival of piglets Patsy and Saffron.  They have taken on the role of mummy and it’s a joy to see the four of them together.

To Adopt a pig please submit your donation of £20.00 (or £25 for International orders) via the 'Donate' link below and email the Adoption team at  pitwadoptions@gmail.com with a copy of your PayPal receipt and confirm who you would like to adopt, what name you would like on the certificate and the address you would like the certificate sending to. Or if you have any questions before adopting please do email the Adoption team.