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June 2014 - 9 May 2022

Breed:  Middle white

Very sadly, we had to say goodbye to our beautiful Queen of the wood Florence. She had been fighting cancer for a long time, but unfortunately her health deteriorated. Her strength to keep going was amazing, this was due to the love and care given to her by our team of volunteers.

We knew it was serious when she stopped eating, Florence loved her food and her medicated peanut butter sandwiches.

Florence has joined her best mate Greta over the rainbow bridge, she will always remain in our hearts and the wood, along with the other pigs we loved so much.

Florence and Greta were rescued as an emergency from a city farm in Sheffield in April 2020.  They were collected on the day they were due to be put to sleep.

Florence was very close to Greta, and both were given a new lease of life with the arrival of piglets Patsy and Saffron.  They took on the role of mummy and it was a joy to see the four of them together.

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