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Very sadly we lost our beautiful big eared elderly girl Daisy when she suddenly deteriorated over the 2020 Christmas period and lost interest in food. We knew that her time had come and her cancer had taken over, as she didn't want to move eat or drink. We had to make the right decision to ensure she didn't suffer, she had been enjoying life up until it was time for her to cross that rainbow bridge. 

Daisy was one of the original 6 pigs that we brought with us from Cornwall in 2005, along with her mum, Beth, dad, TomTom and brother Raph who is the only remaining original pig. 

Daisy was a very gentle pig, she also held a lot of authority over the other pigs who allowed her to eat their food. 

Her best friend was Kate who stayed with her until the end.  


We miss you Daisy and you will always remain with us in the wood.



Daisy was one of the largest pigs who made their home in the wood. She was easily identified by her large ears and kind nature. She had a close friendship with Raph, and was regularly found sleeping close to him in the big barn. They often came out together at feeding times!

One of Daisy's favorite things to do was lay in bed on cold days and she also loved to take a dip in the mud bath to cool down on warm days.

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