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Tom Tom 

On 26 March 2020, TomTom, the old man of the wood went peacefully to sleep. He deteriorated quickly and when he stopped eating we knew it was serious. Unfortunately old age got the better of him, he managed to reach 15 years, which is a good age for a Middle White. TomTom has now joined his long term partner Betty in piggy heaven. We miss him loads and will never forget his gentle ways and how he managed to navigate his way around the wood so well, considering he couldn't see. 

We will never forget you TomTom and you will always be with us in the wood 💚💚💚


Tomtom was found dumped in a field  with Jenjen and late Beth which ended in piglets been born. His offspring are Raph and Daisy who live at the woods. Tomtom was blind due to his eyelids been too heavy which was due to overbreeding or due to the intense farm breeding. This didn’t stop him, having a  very keen sense of smell, and he was always the first one to smell the food. He grew tusks and more hair when they moved to the wood's natural setting.

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