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Big Wilbur

2009 - 11th July 2021


Very sadly we had to let Wilbur go on 11th July 2021. He had been due to move to a foster retirement home as a result of  his arthritis worsening which made it difficult for him on the steep slopes of the woods. No matter how much we coaxed him with vegan doughnuts and cakes, he wouldn't get into the trailer and when the heavens opened with torrential rain, we decided to call it a day and let him go back to where he wanted to be, which was in his shelter.

The next couple of days Wilbur kept falling over and needed to be lifted up constantly, something he really didn't enjoy. So we decided to do the kindest thing to let Wilbur rest in peace as he had little quality of life and although on medication he was in a lot of pain.

Some happy memories of Wilbur, he came to us in 2018, at 9 years old after being abandoned by his previous owner and left in a field with 2 ducks who were sitting on his back when the team arrived to collect him.

He used to love roaming around the wood digging for roots and when we had a mass of acorns he enjoyed the feeling of euphoria after eating them and was often found on his back with his legs in the air completely stoned.

Wilbur wasn't used to socialising with other pigs and preferred to be alone, he particularly didn't like the little ones going under his legs, as he struggled to see what they were getting up to.

He was our iconic pig as his striking features were so photogenic and his image holding a mouth full of straw was used in our anarchy range of T-shirt designs, 'We are Free'. He certainly was and very much loved by all the team who would often chat with him, scratch his back and rub his tummy.

We are all devastated and will miss this beautiful gentle soul, he will always be in our hearts.

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