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We are currently open weekends for tours. You will need to book a space, groups up to 6 max. 5 minute windows. Minimum donation £5 per person, adopters & children under 2 free. You MUST wear wellies and cannot enter the sanctuary without them. Please remember to bring your own as we cannot guarantee we will have enough pairs for people to borrow. Booking is online via the button below:






Tickets now released for Halloween and The Orchard Pig Gig 2022.


Or go to Visits and Events for further details:

Visits and Events

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Renovation Donation Appeal - we are aiming to raise £50,000 to make much needed improvements to our facilities for the pigs and other animals, as well as the humans. Find out more on our Donate page here . Or you can go direct to donate at:  


As a charity, we are extremely grateful for your continued support in these uncertain times. We couldn’t run our sanctuary without the generosity of our supporters: from food, water, straw and vet bills to shelter repair and maintenance, 100% of donations go directly to feeding and caring for the pigs and other animals. Lockdown meant no visitors and therefore a big loss of income. If you are able to give a regular monthly amount to help feed and care for our rescued residents, please click on the PayPal button at the bottom of the page. Once directed to PayPal you can select the amount you wish to give, then tick the box “Make this a monthly donation”. Any amount is greatly appreciated, thank you for your support.


Pigs in the Wood is a non-profit sanctuary for pigs and other animals that have been rescued from various situations. We are based in the village of Scissett, Huddersfield in 10 acres of woodland where the pigs roam free and live naturally. The wood is currently home to 20 pigs that are cared for by our team of volunteers who work 7 days a week ensuring the needs of our residents are always met.


Our aim is to provide a home for pigs and other animals that have been abused and mistreated. In order to develop the sanctuary further we need to raise funding to build shelters for them and for fencing to make the wood more practical and safe for both the residents and visitors. Once the work has been completed in the wood we can have regular opening times and opportunities for people to help look after the pigs and the woodland. Where we are unable to take pigs in to our sanctuary, we help to find them a home and are building contacts to give them more prospects to find them a safe, loving place to live.


Some of the work we do to promote the sanctuary includes school visits, where we talk about Pigs in the Wood and welcome students to come to us to learn about the pigs in their natural environment. We will also encourage colleges and individual groups to visit the wood for educational purposes. In addition, we hold events at the wood for occasions such as Easter, Halloween and Christmas, and also attend events such as festivals and fairs where possible.


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