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Date of birth: 05.03.19

Breed:  Large white and Tamworth

Violet came to the wood from a college farm in the Wirral.  She lived with her mum and three other pigs.  The field they were in became waterlogged and when trying to move the pigs to somewhere dry, Violet panicked and ran away, refusing to be caught.  The college deemed her a dangerous pig, and decided she had to go.  She arrived with us in March 2021, and immediately bonded with Nora.

Violet is a confident pig, and is well liked by the other pigs here.  She is especially fond of Nora, and the two share a sty and usually sleep snout to snout.  She is very adventurous, and often walks far into the wood, but always comes back when called.

To adopt Violet for one year, please order via our online shop.  If you have any questions regarding annual adoptions please email the adoptions team at

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