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Visits & Bookings

We are a  not-for-profit organisation and as such rely totally on donations.  Below are our normal details regarding visits, they may be affected by COVID restrictions, in which case updates will be posted on the Home page.  

What to Expect on a Tour

Why not come along for a visit and meet our residents!  You will be able to join a guided tour of the wood with one of our experienced guides who will introduce you to our free roaming residents and tell you all about our animals and how they came to live in the wood.  You will have the opportunity to see our animals close up, and may even give tummy tickles to some of our pigs!  At the end of the tour, you will have the opportunity to relax and enjoy animal-friendly refreshments from JenJen's cafe.  (You will need it after climbing the hill to the top of the wood!)  We also have a gift shop where you can buy unique gifts featuring some of our residents, or even adopt your favourite. 

** Please note, when buying gifts or refreshments on a visit, it is easier for us if you pay by cash as we don't have electricity in the wood.


Opening Times

We are open for visits every Saturday and Sunday excluding our event days.  Our opening times are 10.30am until 1.30pm and visits must be pre-booked online.  Click the book now button to book your space via our online calendar. 

The minimum donation is £6 per person, and children under 2 go free.  Adopters are allowed up to 4 free visits in a year with their membership card, without having to pre-book.  Visit our Adopt page for more details on adopting one of our residents.  Adopters should come along to the 11.30am tour, and any adopters under 18 can be accompanied by an adult free of charge.  Please note children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult and children under 4 should be carried on the tour for safety reasons.

Please note visitors need to arrive no later than 10 minutes before their tour starts. Our tours start at 10.45am, 11.30am and 12.15pm prompt.  This is important as we cover the health and safety instructions at the start of each tour.  All visitors to the sanctuary MUST also wear wellies or walking boots. Please remember to bring your own as although we do have some available to borrow, we cannot guarantee there will be enough. Unfortunately, anyone not wearing suitable footwear will be refused entry to the sanctuary. This is a requirement set out by Environmental Health for your own safety.

Booking is now online.

Click on the Book Now below to go to the Booking Page. Spaces are limited, so if you are unable to book for the number of people in your party, this means the tour is full.  In this case, please choose another tour or date that has more availability.  Please note if you are an adopter and coming on your own you don't need to book, just come along for the 11:30am tour on a Saturday or Sunday (unless there is an event on) and show your membership card on arrival. If you are coming with others, they will need to book below.

If you experience any issues with the booking process, please message the Facebook page or email

PHOTO-2022-08-30-15-47-47 (2).jpg

Opening Times - Pre Booking only 
Saturday 10:30-13:30
Sunday 10:30-13:30
Please arrive no later than ten minutes before your given timeslot.
Suitable footwear MUST be worn.

The Good

Grass hay will always be superb… if you have some spare please bring it. They love to munch!! 


Squash and pumpkin



Spinach and other leafy greens (except cabbage)

Apples and other fruits ( less is more because of the high sugar content)

Bananas (with or without the skin)

Asparagus (yes they are spoilt)


Cucumber, courgette and marrows

Comfrey leaves

The Bad



Brassicas (broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower etc) it causes gas and stomach ache so needs to be cooked. You can bring it but we will keep it back for another day. 

Potatoes (too starchy and not enough vitamins). 

Sweet potatoes are fine but we usually cook these too.

Anything with stones, the stones need to be removed … i.e: plums, nectarines, peaches, avocado ( skin removed too) 

Kitchen scraps - as much as they love veg peel we’re not allowed to feed it to the pigs due to the risk of cross contamination (DEFRA rules!).

What food can we bring to feed the pigs?

If you want to bring food for the pigs please have a look at the information below on what you can and can't bring. All food will be put straight into a storage container on arrival, so please make sure you give anything you have brought with you to the volunteers. The food will be prepared, and you will be shown how to feed the pigs.  We love food donations but there are some foods that are good and some that are bad.  The lists aren't exhaustive, but cover most of the foods we see.

The Ugly

There are some things you should never bring.

Meat & Fish - although pigs are omnivores, we cannot allow animal products to be fed to the pigs - DEFRA rules.

Eggs & Dairy - for the same reason as above

Processed or non-vegan food

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