Pigs in the Wood rely on volunteers, donations and adoptions to be able to care for the pigs.
Adoptions cost just £20.00 for one year and you can adopt any one of our pigs. 
You will receive a certificate with photo, personal card from chosen pig and photo, and leaflet. All of this grants you access to care for, feed and spend time with all of the pigs as many times as you wish (within our visiting hours, please contact us on Facebook before) 
for 12 months. Adoption certificates also make great gifts for animal loving friends and family!



  1. Choose a pig from below

  2. Donate via Paypal link

  3. Email with name of chosen pig, the name to be entered onto the certificate, postal address

  4. Packs take a minimum 15 days from confirmation Email

Chose one (or more) of the pigs, click their images below and find out
their names, stories and
how the wood became their home. (NB please note details for our 2 newest residents, Patsy and Saffron, are to be added.)

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