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Help!  Our House is Falling Down

For years we have managed to use the materials available to us to patch up and repair our shelters, but they really need replacing with proper structures in order to keep our pigs warm, dry and safe.


It's now time to offer them the home they deserve, to be able to grow old in the best conditions.


Due to the abuse they suffered in the past (pigs are bred to gain weight very quickly to be sent to slaughter at around 6 months old), they are more at risk of developing early arthritis, bronchitis, pneumonia, and a whole host of other health problems.

At Pigs in the Wood, we give them a second chance and a place to grow old (pigs can live for up to 20 years!), but for this they need suitable living conditions, and that's where you can help us!

We have had a new shelter designed which will provide a wonderful home for all of our pigs, and be spacious, dry, warm and well ventilated.  We believe this is the best environment for them so that they can live out the rest of their lives as healthily and happily as possible.  It will also enable our volunteers to care for them in a safer setting.

To achieve this we need your help, as we have an estimated cost of £30,000.

The new shelter will be a half stone and half wood construction to welcome all our pigs, with a central aisle, 4 pens both sides, feeding and water troughs to run alongside the pens and a straw storage area.


We also hope to have a dedicated pen for any frail or sick pigs, so that we can accommodate their specific health needs.


We're hoping to raise enough money for construction to start at the beginning of Summer, but keep an eye on our social pages for progress updates. 

Please check the QR code below to find out more and help us build the shelter they deserve.  Any donation big or small would be so gratefully received.

Thank you in advance for all your support.  We can do this!

Peace, Love and Pigs
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