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The Hampshire 3

Rehomed 2019


  This curly chap & the 2 young ladies in the 2nd photo were found wandering down a road in Hampshire. It seems their family had moved out and left them to fend for themselves. Understandably with no food, it looks like the pigs decided to break out of the field they were in to get something to eat. The people who found them kindly put them in a field they had access to and rigged up a temporary shelter whilst they looked for a home for them. It took us a while to find something and the pressure increased as the owner of the field became increasingly unhappy with the damage the pigs were doing to his crop and understandably wanted them gone. It got to the point where the family thought there would be no option but to euthanise but as we got into the last week or so, amazingly after lots of shares, we had 2 super homes come forward, one for the the boar, who we decided must be a Mangalitsa, and one for the two ladies. Given that Amos, as he became known, was intact we also didn't know if the ladies might be pregnant. Of course the homes had to be at the opposite end of the country! So our Transport team did an epic trip with an overnight stay to collect the pigs and transport them, Amos to the North-West, and the ladies to the North-East. Everyone settled into their new homes well and are enjoying life. And we have to say a special thanks to the family who rescued the pigs originally. They gave a lot of time and energy and were so happy when the homes were found that one daughter did a little Lego video film for her school project of the pigs being collected for their new lives.

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