The Hampshire 3

URGENT - Date added 28/10/19


 Need Homes ASAP


  This curly chap & the 2 young ladies in the 2nd photo were found wandering down a road in Hampshire. It seems their family had moved out and left them to fend for themselves. Understandably with no food, it looks like the pigs decided to break out of the field they were in to get something to eat. The people who found them kindly put them in a field they have access to and are currently looking after them as best they can but can’t offer a long-term home. A temporary shelter is being sorted out for them but the landowner needs the field back. The boar is intact, and likely a Mangalitsa. It could be, but we don’t know, that one or both of the sows is pregnant as the boar has been in with them for some time. He would need to be castrated unless he is being rehomed separately to an all male group. Ages unknown.


We will try and help with transport if needed.

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