The Allotment 5

Castrated 2 - Date added Aug 2019


Details on background below. 2 of the 6 have been castrated. First 2 photos are of Little Guy and the rest are of Big Guy. These were taken in June when there were moulting so not looking their most handsome! They are both 5 years old and about the same size. Big Guy was, and still is, top pig in the group. Little Guy was his 2nd in command but is being kept separate in a small area because the fighting was so bad when Big Guy initially returned to the group after castration that the lady decided not to risk putting LG back in the group. Experienced home/s preferred as they may require some TLC after their recent experiences.

Video of Little Guy available here.







Date added Dec 2018  

3 small intact mixed boars & 2 castrated (see above), approx 3-5 years old, currently in the Sheffield area. They do not need to be placed together but ideally would be rehomed in pairs or go to somewhere with a pig already. They are nervous of people but friendly. They have been living on an allotment  and are being cared for as best as possible by a kind lady there after their owner ‘abandoned’ them. There were another 11 who have already been taken in by PITW, other sanctuaries, and private homes. 



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