The Allotment 4

Castrated 1 - Date added Aug 2019


Details on background below. 1 castrated - Big Guy. These were taken in June when he was moulting so not looking his most handsome! 5 years old. Big Guy was, and still is, top pig in the group. 







Date added Dec 2018  

3 small intact mixed boars & 1 castrated (see above), approx 3-5 years old, currently in the Sheffield area. They do not need to be placed together but ideally would be rehomed in pairs or go to somewhere with a pig already. They are nervous of people but friendly. They have been living on an allotment  and are being cared for as best as possible by a kind lady there after their owner ‘abandoned’ them. There were another 12 who have already been taken in by PITW, other sanctuaries, and private homes. 



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