The Allotment 4

Date added Dec 2018  

Update - Russell has a home pending Nov 2020

Buddy, Rico & Russell are 3 small intact mixed 4-5 yr old boars. Big Guy (first of the photo sets below) is a larger mixed approx 6 year old castrated male, probably their dad! They have been living on an allotment  and are being cared for as best as possible by a kind lady there, with our support, after their owner ‘abandoned’ them. Over this time they have become much more friendly and less shy, as you can see in the video below. There were another 13 who have already been taken in by PITW, other sanctuaries, and private homes. Currently in the Sheffield area we can help with transport across the country as we just want to see these guys in lovely homes. They do not need to be placed together but ideally would be rehomed in pairs or go to somewhere with a pig already. Friend pairings would be Buddy & Rico and Russell & Big Guy.

Video from August 2020

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