The 8 Piglets

Date added 28/11/19



Introducing you to 8 piglets in need of safe & loving homes. They may be tiny and adorable here but remember they will grow up to be heavy, much bigger adults! Pot-bellied type, exact breed unknown, currently 10 weeks old, boys are castrated.  The family who took the parents on in the summer had the dad castrated but unfortunately it turned out mum was already pregnant! Sadly they only have enough space to keep 2 of the piglets so the other 8 are in need of homes.


Their humans say “They have the loveliness personalities, very friendly with humans and our family dogs & belly scratches and a playing hide the treats and foraging for them and getting muddy...”


Currently in West Sussex, family may be able to help transport. Don’t need to be rehomed all together. 

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