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The 30 Piglets!

Date added 24/10/19


Date need to move by: No set date

Number of pigs: around 20-30

Reason for rehoming: If you’ve been following @beneaththewoodsanctuary you will know that they did a fantastic job of saving 53 pigs in the Bramble Hall Farm case. You can read all about it on their social media pages. Unfortunately whilst the pigs were being held in the isolation unit by the authorities they weren’t stopped from breeding 😢. So rather more pigs than the already huge amount Beneath the Woods were expecting. We’re giving them a hand to find suitable homes. Ideally we’d like to find them homes in groups but with this large number homes that can only take one, so long as they have other pigs already for companions, will be considered.

Name/Breed/Ages/Size: Large commercial breed, mix of males and females. Older group are around 2 years old. The younger group are around a year old. Keep an eye on BWS social media pages for more info and photos.

Castrated/Spayed: Males are castrated

Location: West Wales

Transport available: Yes to any location if it’s a good home.

Anything else: Obviously looking after this many pigs is a considerable undertaking for Beneath the Woods so if you’d like to help in other ways, please donate to or share their fundraiser (copy the link into your browser- to help pay for the pigs’ costs.

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