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The 2 blind piglets

In October 2019 we were contacted about two little blind piglets who had been dumped in a field of horses. They were probably only around 5 weeks old and had no eyes. The owner of the field took them into his home and cared for them, giving up his sleep to feed them round the clock! Much as he loved them he knew he didn't have the right set up to care for them permanently, and so he asked us to help find a home. Fortunately Coppershell Farm Sanctuary were happy to take them in and their rescuer has been able to keep in touch with their progress. Now named Ali and Bella, they get to hang out with Poppy pig and Monty pig. When the sanctuary take them to the paddock in the morning, they use different ones, they clap so the girls know which way to follow.  If you would like to see occasional updates on them, check out Coppershell's Facebook page or Instagram account. 

The blind piglets
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