Rosemary & Plum

Date added 6/1/21 - Updated 26/1/21


Rosemary & Plum are Large white/Landrace, age unknown, approx 150kg each, though they could grow much bigger. Their human adopted 4 pigs only to discover two were pregnant and she doesn’t have the room for all of them.


She says “Plum has poor eyesight, loves to follow a human anywhere. Rose is wary of humans when they want to pet her. Both not aggressive, fine with vets and injections. They have always been together. not bothered by dogs, deer, birds. Rose is dominant over Plum when feeding.”


Last vaccinated Sept 2018 & wormed Jan 2021.


Currently in East Sussex the family can transport up to 100 miles away.

26/1/21 - The ladies are moving to a 'foster' home due to bullying by one of the piglets. They are still in need of a permanent home.

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