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Rosemary & Plum

Date added 6/1/21 - Updated 11/3/21


They have just moved to a foster home so details below are updated and we have some new pics.

Date need to move by: No specific date

Date added to list: 6/1/21

Number of pigs: 2

Reason for rehoming: Their previous human adopted 4 pigs only to discover two were pregnant and she didn’t have the room for all of them. One of them was getting bullied by a piglet, so they have happily found a lovely foster home where they can stay till something permanent comes up.

Name/Breed/Ages/Size: Rosemary and Plum, Large white/Landrace, age unknown, approx 150kg each.

Castrated/Spayed: Not spayed

Location: West Sussex

Transport availability: transport needed

Vaccinations/Worming/Health: Wormed January 2021, Vaccinated Sept 2018

Personality: “Plum has poor eyesight, loves to follow a human anywhere. Rose is wary of humans when they want to pet her. Both not aggressive, fine with vets and injections. They have always been together. not bothered by dogs, deer, birds. Rose is dominant over Plum when feeding.” Foster Home say they have settled in straight away and describe them as “Very well behaved pigs and they are just a delight to have around...They are so friendly and love attention, especially Rose!”

Updates from new home required: Would be nice but not essential

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