Date added 11/2/20


Ronny is 50% pot belly/ 50% Kunekune, 3 years old, castrated & weighs in at 120kg.


His family say “Shy with humans except current keepers, gets on ok with big dogs, sociable & likes to come inside for belly rubs, likes porridge, carrots with yoghourt, water melon, crushed banana on toast, hates brussel sprouts. He craves company but it is getting less and less practical to have him indoors with us. We feel he needs a stable mate / animal companions or perhaps to be a pet with other animals or to be part of a community / petting farm where he can get some stimulation and company. He is lonely and bored.” They feel that his behaviour is deteriorating & he is distressed, so we really need to find him a suitable home ASAP. They suspect he thinks he’s a dog as they have been his companions!


Currently in Wiltshire, family are unable to transport but we have contacts round there who might be able to help us get him to a new home, including further afield.

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