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Rehoming Story - Porco Rosso & Chris

Rehomed 2020

Porco Rosso, as he has been named, the Tamworth Boar was saved from being shipped to Europe for slaughter by a kind lady along with his girlfriends. She was able to provide a home for the females but didn't have the space for Rosso. It was a very tight deadline of a week or so but happily a family contacted us to say they would take him. It would be fair to say that as their first pig he was a bit more than they expected because as you'll see in one of the photos, he  is huge!!! And lively! Like he started climbing the rocky area that forms a boundry on one part of their garden. It also became clear that he was needy for company and having a very large pig follow you around everywhere as you try to do things, even accidentally knocking you over, can be a challenge. So we set about organising a friend. We settled on Chris, on the Allotment pigs - a group of 16-ish pigs abandoned on an allotment in Sheffield in 2018. Chris was one of the quieter, chilled out boys so we thought he might work. The family soon fell in love with little Chris, unfortunately Porco Rosso hasn't so far.  Although they do like adjacent to each other either side of their fence, they have still yet to reach a stage where they don't fight. Because Chris is much smaller he comes off a lot worse. It may be that they have to stay separate but adjacent forever, some pigs just do not bond, but at least they can chat pig through the fence and there is always company, even if not for snuggling in bed with. We hope one day they will declare a truce and live in harmony!

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