Peepee & Ermi


Date added 29/4/19 - Urgent


Need rehoming by end of September at very latest due to ill health of their human. Currently in Bradford area. 


“Ermi is the pig with black on her and she is Peepee’s auntie. I think she is seven but will check. Ermi likes to sunbathe and wallow. She loves bread, bananas, cakes etc. Friendly and sociable. Definitely the boss. Ermi is half Middlewhite, half Pietrain and is a good size. Can’t think of anything she dislikes. 

Peepee is six. She loves fruit. Dislikes cold weather. Pee is 3/4 Pietrain and 1/4 Middlewhite. Smaller and more toned than Ermi. Pee is also shy and timid compared to Ermi. Again loves to wallow and snooze. 
I feed them sow nuts, carrots, fruit and veg and bread….They are also used to horses and sheep.” 

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