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Rehoming Story - Derek Trotter

Date Rehomed 14/7/19

Derek was a 2 year old male pig, a mix of small Canadian breeds. He was very much loved and had a very nice home but sadly, following a change in the family, they no longer had the time to give him the attention he needed. He was originally meant to be a house pig and be friends with the dogs, but Derek preferred to be outside. In the end his family decided that it would be better to help him find some pig friends. Fortunately, Brinsley Animal Rescue just happened to be be looking for a young male to bond with their lonely Betty pig. They took a little time to get used to each other but now Brinsley are looking for a permanent home for them as a pair. Pigs are very sociable creatures and unless they've always been kept separate from other pigs and really don't like them, they thrive best with friends of their own species who they can communicate with.

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