Rehoming Stories

[please note this page is currently under construction] We have helped a number of pigs find new homes. Click on their names below to read their stories. 

David, Rupert, Daisy, Michelle, Lucy & Doris – Date added 5/7/19 -Moved to Rescue 11/8/19

Moved to Brinsley Animal Rescue

Derek Trotter

 was very much loved by his family but a change in the family meant he had less attention than he needed.

  came to us when his owner could no longer keep him due to a change in circumstances. 

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The Tamworth Boar

The 8 piglets

Wilbur & Templeton

Kevin & Maple

The Hampshire 3

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Peepee & Ermi




George & Gracie were very much loved by their family (tba)

Marilyn & Elvia

Little 'Un now Boris

The abandoned pig

George & Albert

Kent 3


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