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Rehoming Stories

We have helped a number of pigs find new homes. Here are a selection of stories and at the bottom of the page you can see some of the other rehomed pigs.

Little Marge


Little Marge escaped from an intensive pig farm at only two weeks old in February 2023, and spent two nights in a greenhouse.  She was sneezing and started showing signs of a nasty chest infection followed by a stomach virus.  Thankfully she rallied and made a full recovery.

Marge has the most fantastic new home with a family who love her dearly.  She will no doubt grow up to become Large Marge, but they don't mind at all.  She has got other piggy friends including Trev who we also rehomed previously, and a human family who think the world of her.  How different her life would have been if she had stayed on the commercial farm!  85% of the UK's pigs are born and raised in intensive farming units.  Marge reminds us why we should never stop fighting for a kinder more compassionate world.

Abandoned duo rescued from a life amongst rubbish


These two had been living on the streets of Bradford but found their happy ever after courtesy of Footprints Animal Sanctuary.

Now called Fred and Ginger, after living rough and sleeping in a bed of rubbish, these two have gone from relying on local residents to feed them scraps to living in the lap of luxury at Footprints Animal Sanctuary, who very kindly have given them a womderful forever home.


Salt & Pepper - now Flo & Clementine


Flo & Clementine came from a Youth Hostel that no longer wanted them. Booked for slaughter twice, their story could have been made into a film! Brinsley Animal Rescue took them in at the last minute.

This was one of the most challenging rehomes we have ever done.  These girls were booked for slaughter after COVID affected the finances, when the place they were living was closed due to lockdown and we were asked to help.  Our rehoming efforts resulted in the YH receiving abusive messages which meant the management refused to deal with us and almost jeopardised the girls (an important lesson for us).  Finally, when we did move them, the transport was difficult, including lost keys, family emergencies and delays with DEFRA paperwork, but finally we achieved he impossible with the help of Brinsley Animal Rescue, who took them last minute when their foster home fell through and from where they will be rehomed to a suitably vetted home.  A rehome we will never forget!

Some of the other pigs we have helped to rehome

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