Rehoming Stories

[please note this page is currently under construction] We have helped a number of pigs find new homes. Here are a selection of stories and at the bottom of the page you can see the full 'Roll Call' of rehomed pigs.

The 2 blind piglets

2 very young piglets with no eyes were abandoned in a field. Luckily the field's owner took them in. We were able to find a home for them at Coppershell Farm Sanctuary. 

The Hampshire 3

2 sows and a boar were found abandoned, wandering along a road. We helped the kind family who rescued them find them permanent homes after a lot of hard work!

  came to us when his owner could no longer keep him due to a change in circumstances. 

Roll Call of other rehomed pigs since April 2019












Boris (Hertfordshire)

Custard (now Trudy Trotters)



Betty & Beatrice

The Tamworth Boar now Porco Rosso

Wilbur & Templeton

Kevin & Maple

The Hampshire 3

The Cheshire 2


Peepee & Ermi

The 5 siblings that went to Brinsley Animal Rescue





Marilyn & Elvia

Little 'Un now Boris

The abandoned pig

George & Albert

Kent 3

2 of the Beneath the Woods Sanctuary Bramble Farm piglets

Piri Piri now Gordy



Derbyshire 3 - Aug 2020
George & Gracie - 2019
Hilda 2020
Oliver 2020
Derek Trotter - 2019
Florence & Greta (prev Lucky & Chip) 2020
Bruce, Betsy & Gloria 2020
Bramble 2020
Marg 2020
Geoffrey 2020
8 piglets 2019
Pumbaa (now Norman) 2020
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