Although we would love to take in more pigs at our sanctuary we are sadly full. However, because we get asked on a weekly basis to help pigs in need, we run a national Rehoming Service. We advertise pigs in need on our social media pages, on our website, and through a network of contacts across the country. We discuss all aspects of rehoming to make sure the right decision is made for the welfare of the pigs and we help with transport to new homes when possible. We ask for a suggested minimum donation from both parties (except for sanctuaries and rescues) and if we provide transport, those costs to be covered. Full details on our Rehoming Process, including what you need to do, can be found here.
If you can offer a home or know of any pigs that need our help please contact our Rehoming Team via Email

To support our Rehoming Service, you can donate to our Rehoming Fund by clicking on the Donate button at the bottom of the page. Please state donation is for Rehoming Fund. And to read about the pigs we have found homes for please click here.

If you know of anywhere appropriate that would be happy to put up one of our posters to find new homes, you can print off a copy of the poster here

If you would like to learn more about what caring for a pig entails, please check out the page What a pig needs. And if you want to find out why Mini, Micro and Teacup pigs aren't real, click here.

Current pigs in need of homes -last updated 28/10/21
For up-to-date details of pigs in need, please see our Instagram Facebook page @pigsinthewoodrehomingservice
Brighton Duo 1.jpg

The Brighton Duo - Date added: 23/10/21 CRITICALLY URGENT - move by early November

At risk of being put to sleep, 4 years old, unsure of breed or sex. New landowner unable to keep so wants to try and find them a home before current landowner puts them to sleep. Currently near Brighton, will need transport.

Snoop Hog & Piggie Smalls 1.jpg

Snoop Hog & Piggie Smalls - Date added: 23/10/21 URGENT - move by November

Potbellied uncastrated males, 13 months & 15 months old need to move by 30/10/21 due to outgrowing their space & loss of job. Currently in Manchester, will need transport.

Peppa & Penny 1.jpg

Peppa & Penny - Date added: 23/10/21

10 months old need more attention than family can give them. Currently in Epsom, transport available within 3 hours.

Elsa and Ana.jpg

Elsa & Ana - Date added: 1/10/21

2 Large White 2.5 year old females. Rescued as piglets and now in need of more space. Currently in Dorset, transport needed but costs will be met. New home needed ASAP.

Esme gythia and Fred.jpg

Esme, Fred & Gythia - Date added: 16/9/21 - Need to move by mid-October 2021

2 female and 1 castrated male Kunekunes, aged 9 and 7. Loss of land requires rehoming. Currently in Buckinghamshire, transport is needed.

Biscuit & Bao1.jpg

Biscuit & Bao - Date added: 16/9/21 - Need to move by 10/10/21

9 month old female British Lops originally bought to be meat but the home couldn't do it after getting to know them. Unfortunately travel for work makes a new home necessary. Currently in North Wales, transport possibly available within 2 hours.

Bruce, Cuddles & Ginger

Bruce & Cuddles- Date added: 27/10/20 -  CRITICALLY URGENT - By end of Sept.

Their home has fallen through and they are now urgently in need of a home by the end of September at the very latest. 5 year old castrated male and 1 female Kune x Large Blacks. (Their friend Ginger has a home pending). Currently in Suffolk, transport needed but costs will be covered.  

Halo & co 3.jpg

Halo & Rebel - Date Added 1/9/21 URGENT - ASAP

2 3 year old female Hampshires, vaccinated and ear tagged. Lived on a Petting Farm. Currently in London, transport available within 3 hours.

hamlet and winston.jpg

Hamlet & Winston - Date Added 17/7/21

Male Kunekunes 12 months old, not castrated, in need of home due to family being unable to give them time needed with change in work commitments. Love human company. Currently in Penistone, transport is available.

Billy & Barneby

Billy & Barneby - Date Added 27/07/21 URGENT

Urgent due to no space at current home. Rescued from slaughter. 7 months old. Tamworth x Gloucester Old Spot. Not castrated. Friendly. Currently in East Midlands, transport can be available for within 2-3 hours drive.

Florence &Wendy

Florence & Wendy - 15/2/21 (New home fallen through so re-added to list 16/7/21)

The ladies are Iron Age cross Gloucester, 7 years old. Friendly, very used to humans including strangers. Home unable to give them time required. Move ASAP. Currently in Peak District, transport may be available.

Priscilla & Presley

Priscilla & Presley - Date added 13/6/21 

Presley, about 9 months old castrated, & Priscilla age unknown, breeds unknown. Found wandering and don't get on with rescuer's pig so home needed ASAP. Currently in Hampshire, transport within a couple of hours is available.


William - Date added 2/5/21 - Need to move by August 2021

4yrs 9 month old Pot bellied cross, castrated. His family are moving home and can't take him with them. Currently in Lancashire, will need transport. Will come with all his belongings including wooden house and grooming kit.


George & Percy - Date added 18/4/21

Crossbreed, castrated. George has recently shown some aggressive behaviour on one occasion and due to small children visiting the family feel it is safest to rehome.  Currently in South Wales, transport may be available depending on distance. 


Martin - Date added 10/12/20

4 year old castrated, breed unknown. In need of a new home due to a change in circumstances. Has become unsettled and this is showing in his behaviour, so needs an experienced home to help him relax again. Currently in South Yorkshire, fuel costs covered, we may be able to help transport. 

Fred, Porky 1 & Porky 2

Fred, Porky & Derek- Date added 12/3/21 - Updated 13/7/21 

Rescued from unsuitable living conditions by Animal Health, now on a temporary holding and in need of a permanent home asap. Believed to be potbellied crosses, young castrated males. Currently in Sheffield, we can probably assist with transport, and fuel costs will be met.


Rosemary & Plum - Date added 6/1/21 - Updated 11/3/21

Large White/Landrace, age unknown. Friendly. Human took in 4 pigs and it turned out the other 2 were pregnant. They have just moved to a foster home in West Sussex and are looking for a forever home. Help with transport needed.


Peanut & Stanley, and Princess Rose - Date added: 30/7/20


Peanut & Stanley are 8 and 6 year old Kunekunes - female and male. Princess Rose is an 18 month old Pot Bellied cross. They are currently at Ren's Rescue near Hull. Click on the Find out more button to go direct to their profiles on the rescue's website. PLEASE CONTACT REN'S RESCUE FOR ENQUIRIES.


And finally for today, continuing our bi

 The 30 Piglets - Date added: 24/10/19


About 30 piglets left. Large commercial breed born to the 53 pigs saved by Beneath The Woods Sanctuary in the Bramble Hall Case. Ideally homed in groups. Currently in West Wales, we will try to assist with transport if needed.

Homes for the following pigs currently pending:
Bob-Bob, Percy & Ginger 1.jpg

Bob-Bob, Percy & Ginger - Date Added 03/08/21 - Home Pending

Castrated KuneKunes, all 2 and a half years old, in need of a home due to change in work commitments. Need to move ASAP. Currently in Essex, transport needed.

Bruce, Cuddles & Ginger

Ginger - Date Added 27/10/20 - Home Pending