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Although we would love to take in more pigs at our sanctuary we are sadly full. However, because we get asked on a weekly basis to help pigs in need, we run a national Rehoming Service. We advertise pigs in need on our social media pages, on our website, and through a network of contacts across the country. We discuss all aspects of rehoming to make sure the right decision is made for the welfare of the pigs and we help with transport to new homes when possible. We ask for a suggested minimum donation from both parties (except for sanctuaries and rescues) and if we provide transport, those costs to be covered.

Rehoming Your Pig


If you wish to rehome your pig,  full details of our Rehoming Process, including what you need to do, can be found here.

Offering a Home to a Pig

If you think you can offer a safe and loving home to any of our pigs listed, or you wish us to keep your details on file so we can let you know when suitable pigs come up, you can find details on what to do here.

Before you consider rehoming a pig, we strongly suggest you read our page What a Pig Needs, especially if keeping pigs is new to you.


If you know of any pigs that need our help please contact our Rehoming Team via Email.

If you want to find out why Mini, Micro and Teacup pigs aren't real, click here


Support Us 

To support our Rehoming Service, you can donate to our Rehoming Fund by clicking on the Donate button at the bottom of the page. Please state donation is for Rehoming Fund. And to read about the pigs we have found homes for please click here.

If you know of anywhere appropriate that would be happy to put up one of our posters to find new homes, you can print off a copy of the poster here

Rehoming Stories

If you want to see details of pigs we have successfully rehomed, click here.

Current pigs in need of homes

For more details of pigs in need, please see our Instagram Facebook page @pigsinthewoodrehomingservice


Denise and Edith - Date added: 25/08/23  **URGENT** 

Denise and Edith are only one year old.  We have been given an urgent deadline for them.  Currently in Derbyshire and will be homeless by 30/08/23.  Due to the urgency of this case, we are looking at either foster or permanent homes.

Their current carer describes them as quirky, loving and cute.  Can you help?  If you can, please contact Jenny at


Babe - Date added: 10/8/23  **ASAP** 

Babe is only 18 months old, with lots of love to give.  We are not sure of her breed, but she was saved from slaughter and is sociable with humans.  She has had some experience with other pigs, but her current carer wants her to have a safe home with other pigs so she can socialise and never be lonely again.  Transport covered.   If you think you can offer this beautiful girl a forever home, please get in touch.


Notorious PIG and Piggy Izalia - Date added: 8/8/23  **AT RISK** 

Castrated male and entire female pot bellied pigs, aged 3,  in need of rehoming due to demand from the land's owner.  These are a social pair who like to be with people.  They can be territorial with other animals, so would not suit a home with other animals in their pen, or small children.  They love a cuddle!  Currently in Nottingham, transport will be covered up to 2 hours, and partially funded.


Two Gloucester Old Spot sows - Date added: 24/5/23  **ASAP**

These two girls don't currently have names.  They are 7 years old and have no health issues.  They are wormed but not vaccinated.  They are a very social pair who love a good brush and interaction.  They live together but have never mixed with other pigs.  They have never shown any agressive tendancies.  They are located in Southend.  The current owners are willing to transport up to 60 miles.


Jaffa - Date added: 27/3/23  ** URGENT**

Jaffa is a 6 year old castrated male pig.  He is labrador-sized, gentle and with no health issues.  Currently living in Worksop.  Can be rehomed with Charlotte if there is sufficient space for introductions as these two are not currently living together.  Transport is not provided, but we will help where we can.  


Charlotte- Date added: 27/3/23  **HOME PENDING**

Charlotte is an unneutered female pig.  She is labrador-sized, gentle and with no health issues.  Currently living in Worksop.  Can be rehomed with Jaffa if there is sufficient space for introductions as these two are not currently living together.  Transport is not provided, but we will help where we can.  


Mary & Fudge - Date added: 26/2/23  

Mary & Fudge are pot-belly crosses, 16 months old with no health issues.  They are not currently wormed or vaccinated and have not been neutered.  Fudge is approx 2ft tall x 40 in long.  Mary is 18in tall x 30 in long.  They are very friendly with people and dogs.  They love getting scratches but can be picky about eating their veggies.  These two girls need a home in Ireland.  Currently located in Fermanagh, NI.  Transport is available and will be covered for up to 100 miles.


Ginger Pig- Date added: 13/2/23  **URGENT**

Ginger Pig is a large white and is 7 years old.  She was hand reared and absolutely thrives on human affection.  She gets along with other pigs and animals too so must live with another pig (or potential owners must be prepared to adopt a 2nd - we already have a potential match on our list).  Her owner is sadly no longer able to care for her due to illness.  She is located in N. Lincolnshire.  Transport is available and we can support with arranging transport.    


Penelope - Date added: 14/12/22

Penelope needs our help!  Her owners have had to move from their home and she is currently being kept on land with no shelter.  If you are able to offer her a safe and warm space either permanently or on foster, please contact us.  Penelope is located in Kimmel Bay, Conwy.


5 brothers - Date added: 6/10/22  ** HOME PENDING**

Five adorable brothers, all needing a home.  They can be split into 3 and a pair.  Need rehoming as no-one to look after them.  Tamworthy breed, 2 years old castrated males.  All very sociable, have had lots of human contact, and get along together well.  Currently in Harrogate.  PITW can support with arranging transport.  

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