Although we would love to take in more pigs at our sanctuary we are sadly full. However, because we get asked on a weekly basis to help pigs in need, we run a national Rehoming Service. We advertise pigs in need on our social media pages, on our website, and through a network of contacts across the country. We discuss all aspects of rehoming to make sure the right decision is made for the welfare of the pigs and we help with transport to new homes when possible. We ask for a minimum donation from both parties (except for sanctuaries and rescues) and if we provide transport, those costs to be covered. Full details on our Rehoming Process, including what you need to do, can be found here.
If you can offer a home or know of any pigs that need our help please contact our Rehoming Coordinator via Email

To support our Rehoming Service, you can donate to our gofundme campaign here. And to read about the pigs we have found homes for please click here.

If you know of anywhere appropriate that would be happy to put up one of our posters to find new homes, you can print off a copy of the poster here

Current pigs in need of homes -last updated 12/2/20
For up-to-date details of pigs in need, please see our Instagram or Facebook page.

 The Forfar Ladies - Date added: 12/2/20


5yr old Kunekunes. Need new home due to lack of space. Currently in Forfar, Angus area, family willing to transport within Scotland.


 Ronny - Date added: 11/2/20


Pot-bellied/Kunekune-cross, 3yrs old, castrated. Urgently needs a new home as he can no longer join the rest of his human and canine family in the house and is becoming distressed. Currently in Wiltshire, we may be able to secure transport locally and further afield.

Poppy, Percy & Pepper - Date added: 11/2/20


5 year old  Kunekunes (the photo is of one of the ladies). Percy is castrated. Need  a new home due to change in family circumstances and no longer getting the attention they need. Currently in Norfolk/Suffolk area. Family are willing to transport as far as needed to get a good home.

George & Henry - Date added: 11/2/20


2yr old-ish castrated Kunekune brothers. Need a new home as landowner unhappy with their rooting and want them gone. Currently in Cornwall, transport can be arranged within the region, we may be able to help if further afield.

Ermi - Date added: 11/2/20


About 8yrs old Middlewhite/Pietrain-cross. Was rehomed last September with her friend Peepee but sadly needs a new home because the resident horses are too scared of the pigs. Peepee is not being rehomed, see full info on page. Currenthly in Macclesfield area, we can help with transport.

 Marg - Date added: 13/1/20    

11 months old, breed unknown. Was reported to be a micro pig by previous family but current family say she has already grown a lot. In need of a home with a pig friend or few. Currently in Lincolnshire, family can transport, or we can assist if further afield.


 Roland - Date added:    20/11/19


4yr old intact poss Kunekune in need of home asap due to complaints, lack of attention and unsuitable environment. Currently in Hull, we can assist with transport further afield if needed.

 The 30 Piglets - Date added: 24/10/19


Now 19 piglets left. Large commercial breed born to the 53 pigs saved by Beneath The Woods Sanctuary in the Bramble Hall Case. Ideally homed in groups. Currently in West Wales, we will try to assist with transport if needed.

Pumbaa - Date added 22/10/19


Pumbaa is a castrated 18mth old Potbellied/Juliana pig. In need of  a new home asap due to lack of space and human's ongoing ill health. Currently in Hull, we can probably assist with transport to other areas.

Nancy, Charlotte, Chloe, Guss & Riley - Date added 4/9/19


Mum, Nancy, and her 2yr 5mth old family need a new home asap When Nancy was saved it wasn't known she was pregnant and their current home no longer have the space to provide them with good living conditions now they are fully grown. Breed unknown but small-ish, poss KuneKune-cross. Currently in Staffordshire area but transport can be arranged.

Pumbee & Prudence - Date added 15/10/19


Pumbee (White) & Prudence (Black) are 4year old Kunekune-cross sisters. Currently in Essex, they are in need of a new home as soon as possible. Family can transport locally, and we may be able to assist for further afield.

The Derbyshire 3 (were 5) - Date added 11/10/19


3 Kunekunes - 2 females 3yrs old old, 1 female 2yrs old - in need of a home asap due to ill health of human. Do not need to be rehomed together. Currently in High Peak, Derbyshire area but transport can be arranged.

The Allotment 6  - Date added Dec 2018  


4 intact & 2 castrated males approx 3-5 years old, currently in the Sheffield area. Probably Kunekune/Potbellied cross. They do not need to be placed together. We can help with transport.

3 Brothers - Date added 19/7/19 


Castrated medium sized cross breed, 2.5 years old. Currently in the Norfolk area

Homes for the following pigs currently pending:

 Bramble - Date added:  13/1/20   

Pedigree Oxford Sandy and Black sow about  5/6 years old. Has been used for breeding. Needs a nice retirement home otherwise may be put down. Currently in Bristol/Bath area, family can transport within reasonable distance, or help with fuel costs if further afield.

Piri Piri (Derbyshire 5) - Date added:  11/10/19 

The male pig

Pigs In the Wood 2019