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Date need to move by: ASAP

Date added to list: 02/02/22

Number of pigs: 1

Reason for rehoming: unable to care for him

Name/Breed/Ages/Size: Phoenix, Kune Kune, born Sept 2019, Height 70cm width 50cm 60kg

Castrated/Spayed: castrated

Location: caerphilly

Transport available: transport needed, costs covered

Vaccinations/Worming/Health: fully wormed and vaccinated

Personality: from his current home : "Phoenix is a very loving and gentle piggy even at the size he is, he well still try and sit on your lap like he did as a baby . As we live in a residential area he is very good with noise fireworks dont seem to bother him. He is so gentle to feed, my daughter who is 7 now and she can feed him by hand even a grape he has a diet of sow nuts and fruit and vegetables. He can be a little fussy, the saying eats like a pig is not him. I have 2 rabbits that like to visit him and he does seem to mind them. He is a very beautiful boy he will be truly missed."

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