Date added 22/10/19


Paulie is a 3.5yr old-ish intact Kunekune currently living in the Bodmin area of Cornwall. His current family saved him from slaughter a year ago but they don’t really have enough space for him & his area has turned  into a quagmire. Also as their other pigs are females & they won’t be getting more pigs, he is stuck on his own. They would love to see him in a nice home with friends to cuddle up to.


They say “He's affectionate, friendly, loves belly rub, eyes cleaned and nails trimmed and he is really good with both my gilts and other pigs we've had for meat only. He is big and quite chatty which can be unnerving but treat him with respect and always remember he's a boar.”


The family can transport within a reasonable distance.

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