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Our Rehoming Process - Finding a New Home

The following information explains our rehoming process for those giving up a pig.  We recommend you print it off and keep it as checklist/to do list to refer to.  If you have any questions about the process, please email our Rehoming Coordinator.
If you wish to find a home for a pig:
  1. Contact us on the email above with brief details of the pig and photos.

  2. Complete the 'In Need of a Home' form which you can find here or we can email the link to you if you are having trouble downloading. Please include as much information as possible. We ask for your CPH number & Herd mark. If you do not have these to hand, you can email them to us separately. If for some reason you do not have either of these it is vital that you get them sorted asap as they are required by law when keeping and moving a pig. Details of how you can obtain a CPH number or how you can check what your number is can be found here. For the Herd mark number, contact the Animal and Plants Health Authority via Defra with your details for England, or the equivalent in Scotland/Wales- click here for further information (For Northern Ireland the process is somewhat different, so please refer to the NI Govt website for details). Please note you are required by law to have both the CPH and Herd mark within 30 days of the pig being on your land. If it has been longer than this please say so on your form and we will discuss this  with you. We also recommend at this stage, if you are not already, getting yourself set up on the eAML system (or Scottish/Welsh equivalent) which you will need to use to apply for your licence to move your pig off your site (see point 6). Finally, to move a pig legally it must have an Identifier, such as an eartag or permanent slapmark (over the age of 12 months) or temporary slapmark (under the age of 12 months). If yours does not have the appropriate Identifier, we strongly suggest that you get this done as soon as possible, otherwise it can create a hold up at the end. Details on what is required can be found here. As noted, what to do can vary between England, Scotland, Wales & NI so please do make sure you look at the Govt website pages that relate to your area.

  3. We will acknowledge receipt of the above and start sharing on our Instagram rehoming account and Facebook page, as well as with our network of contacts, and post on here. Sometimes we may have someone waiting to give a pig a home, in which case we will contact them to discuss possible suitability. We aim to keep in contact at least fortnightly to let you know how the search for a home is going.

  4. Once we have a potential home, we will contact you to discuss. If you are happy with the details so far, we will then, with your agreement, put you in contact with the potential home so that you can both discuss in detail and ask questions to satisfy yourselves that it will be a good match. You then need to let us know the outcome.

  5. If you wish to proceed, we will liaise with you both to agree a date and sort out transport arrangements. At this stage it is a good idea to get the address and holding details of the home as you will need these for the Movement Licence mentioned in point 6. If we are transporting we will provide you with a quote for the costs and we will need agreement from you and/or the home to pay these costs. We will then provide you with our vehicle details which you will need for the Movement Licence.  

  6. You now need to pre-register the move on the eAML system (or equivalent) to get a Movement Licence. For this you will need your own details, together with that of the home the pig will be moving to, and the transporter's details including vehicle registration. Information on what to do and access to the system can be found here. You can also register a movement over the telephone but you will need to allow more time for the paperwork to reach you.

  7. On the day of the move, you will need to confirm the details of the move on the eAML system (or equivalent) or via telephone. If we are transporting, you should also have the cash ready to cover the transport costs agreed and which you can then give to the team when they arrive. If for some reason you are unable to pay at the time, we will arrange with you to collect payment within a week of the move.

  8. Once the move has happened, we will contact you within a day or so to follow up. We will send you the link to donate to the Rehoming Fund where you can make your minimum £20 donation. If you have trouble with the site, just let us know and we will sort it out via another method.

  9. We will share on Instagram and Facebook the move and any follow up as our supporters like to see what happens to the pigs we rehome. There will also be a short write up via our Rehoming Stories webpage.  If for any reason this would cause a problem, let us know. We do anonymize the stories but realise that on occasion that might not be enough.

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