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Mini, Micro & Teacup Pigs Don't Exist!

We are currently compiling resources on this page that demonstrate that yes there are small pigs, smaller than the big commercial farm pigs, but that even small pigs grow to a good size. One of the most common reasons for rehoming 'mini' pigs is lack of space because the pigs grew bigger than expected. As there is no such breed as 'Mini' or 'Micro' or 'Teacup' there is currently no way breeders can ensure their pigs don't grow past a certain size.  If they tell you they can, run away! Sometimes unscrupulous breeders will show you the parents as proof of size, without explaining that they are immature and not fully grown. Pigs can reproduce from a very young age but don't mature until they are 3-5 years old. Even the size of a parent does not guarantee the size of offspring. As well as looking at the resources on our What a pig needs page  and some of our Rehoming Stories have a look at the following:

Newspaper article about the 20 stone 'micro pig' now living at Tribe Animal Sanctuary

Stompy the 150kg 'micro pig' now living at Pear Tree Farm Animal Sanctuary

Basically if you offer a home to pigs, you must be prepared for the fact that they will grow as big as they grow. If you have limited space, pigs are not for you. Do not be the person who falls for the cute pictures online and then a year to 2 years down the line realises that they can't cope. Do your research, follow sanctuaries and rescues online who will show you the truth, and if you can, go and meet some 'failed' mini pigs so you can see just how big they can grow.
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