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Date Added to List: 10/12/20


A new home is needed for Martin, a four year old castrated boy. He would be best in an experienced home as he has been dealing with some aggression lately, which has potentially been caused by high feelings at his current home - but he needs somewhere who will let him settle at his own time and give him space when needed.

Date needed to move by: ASAP


Number of Pigs: 1

Reason for Rehoming: Martin is looking for a new home due to a change of circumstances.

Name/Breed/Age/Size: Martin, Breed unknown, 4 years old - approximately 17 stone/107kg

Castrated/Spayed: He is castrated.

Location: South Yorkshire

Transport available: No transport, but costs covered

Vaccinations/Worming/Health: Wormed and Vaccinated 3 years ago.

Personality: (From his current home) "He is house trained but lately doesn't like other people and has, started to be aggressive towards other people.... He has never been around other animals."

Updates from new home required: Happy either way.

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