Date added 13/1/20


Marg is around 11 months old. Breed unknown, was described by prior home as a micro pig but current family say she has grown a lot already, so we don’t know what size she will grow to. Her current family took her in but as a busy sheep farm they don’t have the space to get her a pig friend and they’ve realised that she really would benefit from having another pig to hang out with. Their land is also now too wet for her to be out so she’s being kept in.


Her family say “Marg loves being outside and exploring she was so happy in the summer she spent her days playing with lambs etc and rooting about as pigs do. She loves her sides being tickled she lays down straight away.  She likes dogs and running around with them.... She is such a character and would love to be with more pigs to make friends and play.”

Currently in Lincolnshire, family can help transport or we can help for further afield.


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