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Manny & Oinky - Special Home Needed

Date need to move by: ASAP

Date added to list: 09/02/22

Number of pigs: 2

Reason for rehoming: no longer able to care for them

Name/Breed/Ages/Size: Oinky/potbelly/5yrs old, Manny/potbelly/4 yrs old, Approx 80kg

Castrated/Spayed: Castrated

Location: Weston-super-Mare

Transport available: yes - no maximum travel distance

Vaccinations/Worming/Health: wormed December 2021. Manny is fat blind and suffers from stomach ulcers, on Omeprazole and ranitidine daily to keep on top of this. Because of this Manny has special needs and will need extra care and a patient home able to help him.

Personality: They live in the house with us they are very patient and good with my son who is 3. Oinky is very relaxed pig and loves attention. Manny is a bit anxious because his sight is bad but he is very gentle and likes scratches. He doesn't go outside a lot and I think this is because of his sight because there are ramps and little flat ground to feel comfortable to walk around in. They are a bit scared of people they don't know but imagine that would change with trust being built. They are brothers 1 year apart and they are very much family to us, but we are unable to care for them how they deserve.

Updates from new home required: essential

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