Large White Intact Boar


 This chap is a 4yr old Large White intact boar. 2 metres long, just under 1 metre tall, 200kg. As he is no longer able to reproduce the farmer who owns him is no longer able to keep him. The lady who is helping is trying to rehome him as the alternative will be for him to be put down.


She says, “He is a friendly and docile boar. He is kept in a pen on his own in a unit of about 10 other pigs. He very much enjoys female company! He loves human attention and will always come to say hello when we visit the pigs. He loves a belly scratch and a good scratch on his sides and enjoys an apple for a snack. He loves to laze in the straw. He is a favourite.....on the farm. He has been wormed twice a year for the last 4 years. He has also been vaccinated twice annually for ERY and PARVO - the next is due in November of this year. “


Currently in the South Yorkshire area he can be transported within a couple of hours drive of current location, otherwise funds have been raised to pay for transport further afield.

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