Kevin & Maple

Date added 22/8/19


Kevin (1st photo, likes photo shoots) & Maple (2nd photo, less keen) are a pair of 2yr 6mth old Kunekunes. Currently in Tadcaster, Yorkshire, area but can probably be transported further afield if needed. Kevin is castrated. Their family are looking for a nice forever home for K&M as their smallholding is getting too much for them and are downsizing. (All pigs reading close your ears...) Originally K&M were bought to be raised for meat, but their family became attached to them & realised they couldn’t kill them, yay!


Their family say “..they are funny and Maple is the bright one. she works things out fast, Kevin is better behaved but bit slow. they love all fruits, most veg and much grass all day. they get on with our two small dogs and kids ok, love been brushed. will sit for fruit...’

"Both pigs are cute, good natured and get on with small dogs to a point, well our dogs anyway.  Will sit for goodies but are pushy at feed times. seem ok with our nieces and nephews

Will roll over if brushed and have belly rubs so you can trim toes.  They like being brushed.  I use a horse grooming brush.


Eats paddock grass summer, dengie grass nuts in winter with a little hay, pet pig feed daily all year and anything else they can get fruit and veg wise except Brussels, broccoli, radish or cabbage, but they love windfalls from our orchard and neighbourhood trees and black bananas donated from local shop and they will gate crash the veg patch if given half a chance and eat the courgettes......


Both pigs are just over 2 years old. Born 4th Feb 2017


Only 67cm high, so on small size height wise, but they make up for it in girth, we don’t over feed to keep feet healthy, they tell you they are starving but they are not......


Would like to stay in touch with eventual owner as we would want to guarantee they will not be going for slaughter elsewhere.



I’m happy to give up their 8ft x 6ft pig ark (not sure how, but you can have it), its very sturdy and has a floor and you can have anything else that we have that’s pig related that you need. "

The family are also looking for homes for their 'two fat Shetland sheep' and a Jacob/Shetland cross. The sheep were intended for meat as well but again the family changed their minds.


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