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Kev, Rex, Fred, Audrey, Dolly & Snuffles - V URGENT

VERY URGENTLY in need of homes - these six pigs have been threatened if they don't find homes soon. They can be split up into pairs if necessary.

Date need to move by: ASAP

Date added to list: 18/03/22 (updated 10/04/22)

Number of pigs: 6

Reason for rehoming: Downsizing

Name/Breed/Ages/Size: Kev & Rex, castrated males, Fred, intact boar, Audrey, Dolly, and Snuffles, female pigs - all six years of age. Fred is 1.5' tall, others 2'

Castrated/Spayed: Kev & Rex are castrated

Location: Shropshire

Transport available: Help available with transport costs.

Vaccinations/Worming/Health: wormed last year

Personality: from their current home "They all live together, and they are all friendly. Dolly, Snuffles, Rex, and Audrey all like being stroked and brushed. Fred is allergic to straw so has a sawdust bedding.

All 6 pigs are about 6 years old, they have all lived together all their lives, so prefer to go to a new home together, but Fred can go alone if needs be. Fred the boar, fully intact male, he is allergic to straw so needs a sawdust bedding. Kev the big black pig, is a castrated male. Rex is the pink castrated male pig with the black patch on his face, Snuffles is the female pink pig. Dolly is the black pig and Audrey is the black and white pig. Dolly, Audrey, Rex and Snuffles all like being brushed."

Updates from new home required: happy either way

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