Guss & Riley

Date added 4/9/19 - updated on 27/9/20


Guss & Riley were born unexpectedly, along with their four siblings, to Nancy who had been saved by a farmer from a market where she was destined to be slaughtered because no one wanted her. Two died. Unfortunately the family only really had space for Nancy. Once the piglets were fully grown the family didn't have the space to give them dry areas when the weather is wet. Instead the pigs end up in knee-high mud which is not good for their health and also makes it difficult for the family to keep the pen clean. We have successfully rehomed the two girls. Nancy is staying, so it is now just the two boys who need a home.

Currently in Staffordshire but transport is available. Breed is unknown but small possibly Kunekune-cross. Piglets were born May 2017, 2 castrated males. Their family say,

"The mother is a little stand-offish with humans, but there are signs of scars along her side, so this may be the reason why?  although she is not aggressive. ......Guss are all very friendly but Riley is a little like his mum.....Guss is cheeky....  They are kept next to another family of pigs, but the two groups do not get on.  They are extremely used to having dogs around (as we have two) and have often had our pet chicken in with them sharing their food and bed!"

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