Guss, Riley & possibly Nancy

Date added 4/9/19 - updated on 12/3/21


 Date need to move by: No date

Number of pigs: 2 or 3

Reason for rehoming: Mum Nancy was saved from slaughter and then unexpectedly gave birth to piglets. Once they became full-grown the family struggled for space. The 3 sisters have been rehomed. It would be nice to rehome Nancy with her two boys as she has settled in well with them since the girls left, but the family are happy to keep her if not.

Name/Breed/Ages/Size: Guss & Riley are around 4yrs old, Nancy age unknown. Breed unknown but poss Kunekune-cross.

Castrated/Spayed: The boys are castrated

Location: Staffordshire

Transport available: Yes, depending on how far

Personality: Guss is described as cheeky and very friendly. Riley is more stand-offish with humans. “They are kept next to another family of pigs, but the two groups do not get on. They are extremely used to having dogs around (as we have two) and have often had our pet chicken in with them sharing their food and bed!”

If you can provide a safe and loving home for the boys and possibly mum, please contact the Rehoming Team 

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