Georgie & Pedro

Date added 30/7/20


The farm they are on are changing direction and would like to find these boys a loving home. Cross-breed...About 3ft tall.

Wormed in January. Vaccinations done.

Their carers say, "Both are male, and neither have been castrated. They came to us as rescue,  so unfortunately we dont know their exact ages, but we estimate them to be around 2 years old. The darker pig is Georgie, and his brother, lighter coloured, is Pedro. 

Both are cheeky and very inquisitive individuals! Georgie loves back and ear scratches, and loves to play,  Pedro is a little more reserved,  but loves to use his sense of smell for investigating you and anything new in their paddock! 

Both are very sweet and talkative, especially when it comes to feeding time!!” 


Currently in #Doncaster area, we could help transport.


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