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George & Percy

Date Added to List: 18/04/21

Date needed to move by: No Date

Number of Pigs: 2

Reason for Rehoming: George has recently shown some aggression and the current home are not comfortable with him around a young child

Name/Breed/Age/Size: George and Percy, crossbreed, Approx 26inch high 15 wide

Castrated/Spayed: Both are castrated

Location: South Wales

Transport available: Transport available depending on distance.

Vaccinations/Worming/Health: No vaccines, wormed end of last summer.

Personality: (From their current home) "The black pig is called George the spot is percy. They answer to their names. I have never had any aggression towards myself though my partner said he did have to use a stick on day. He was in their sleeping area and it was feeding time. We spend a lot of time in the Paddock with out animals with no issues but through the winter the pigs rarely move far from their shed only then to relieve themselves. Now the nicer weather is here they are venturing down to the paddock will spend some time in the Paddock with them and assess his behaviour and report back to you in a few days x"

"I have spent most of the morning down the Paddock the pigs have come down to join us. The horses and dogs were down too whilst we were fencing. George showed no sign of aggressive behaviour towards myself or other animals. He just came noseying around as always."

Updates from new home required: Happy either way.

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