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Florence & Wendy

Date needed to move by: No date

Date Added to List: 15/02/21

Two friendly, cheery pigs who are in need of a home. We had thought we had a home lined up for them but unfortunately it fell through. They are currently living in a woodland area, but don't get the attention they need to thrive. They'd be looking for a home together, possibly with a family or someone who could spend time with them and give them lots of enrichment opportunities.


Number of Pigs: 2

Reason for Rehoming: Unable to give them the time needed

Name/Breed/Age/Size: Florence & Wendy, 7 years old, Iron Age X Gloucester

Castrated/Spayed: No

Location: Peak District

Transport available: Possibly

Vaccinations/Worming/Halth: wormed 2020

Personality: (From their current home) "They are both friendly. Florence is the dominant one and is more ginger like the Tamworth part of Iron Age. She bullies Wendy over food a little but not badly. They sleep together in an arc outside. Wendy is very mild mannered even though she is the taller lankier and faster of the two. They are good with humans and live alongside sheep and see our Labradors, but the dogs are scared of them (they are scared of most things). They are confined to the woods by electric fence and the public footpath runs along the bottom of their enclosure so they see lots of people every day. "

Updates from new home required: Happy either way.

Watch this video of the girls:

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