Flora, Fauna & Fabulous

Date added 11/3/20


 These beautiful sisters are saddlebacks. The person who has rescued them from slaughter came across them when they escaped onto a nearby road in December and persuaded the people to let them foster them, now adopted. Age unknown but possibly around 8 months.


Their human says they are “Rather large...Playful, friendly, affectionate, interested....they snuggle down together....Flora being the smallest can get overexcited with attention as the bigger girls bully her, so she can try and nip.....They go to see the dogs and walkers at the gate.” She absolutely loves them but is unable to care for them long-term. Ideally she’d love for them to be rehomed near to her in the St Austell, Cornwall area so she could visit but this may not be possible. She is willing to pay transport costs to anywhere in the country and we should be able to arrange transport if needed.

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