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On Monday the 12th April 2021 we had to make the toughest decision to let Dottie join her soul mate Lottie in piggy heaven. Since Lottie passed away in 2020, Dottie's health had been deteriorating. Her respiratory problems had gotten worse despite medication and her skin became very dry and sore, which was a sign that her immune system was not working. The last straw was when she stopped eating and her body temperature went down to 35c, she was clearly suffering and the vet advised us to do the right thing.

Both Dottie and Lottie had been badly neglected when they initially came to us in 2018, they were very malnourished and their skin was very dry and flaky, also a sign of bad nutrition or stress.

We were told that they were around 6-7 years old, so would have already established long term health problems. Generally a lot of the pigs that come to the wood have health issues and cannot be rehomed, though it can also be due to their size or behaviour. It is very upsetting to know that their lives were considerably shortened due to these health problems.

Dottie was our adorable little shy mouse and we will deeply miss her.



Dottie came to the woods with her sister Lottie when their owner could no longer care for them. Sadly Lottie died suddenly on 29 Nov 2020. Dottie was found snuggled up to her best friend and stayed there for some time. Dottie had always been the quiet one of the pair, preferring to be away from the rest of the pigs. However since Lottie's death she had started to come out of her shell more  and we were hopeful she would bond with one of the other lone sensitive pigs.  She was a sweet and shy girl, who loved cuddling with her sister, and was usually found at the top of the wood.

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