Crispy, Bacon, Tiggy & Wiggy

Date added 6/1/21 - URGENT Home needed by March latest


You may recognise these pigs. We were asked to try and help find a home urgently in spring last year because they kept escaping & their human couldn’t cope any more.  In the end their rescuers found them somewhere. Sadly the place they went to have now said they need them gone by March. They can no longer afford their upkeep as the pigs keep escaping (again!) because the fencing is unsuitable and they are struggling with the cost of feed (around £70 a week).


Details from original post below, recent videos can be seen at the Instragram link below, photos are from original post.   Crispy, Bacon, Tiggy & Wiggy are 2 Kunekunes - 1 castrated Male & 1 sow, & 2 Tamworth sows.


Family say, “The Kune Kune are at least 8 year old, could be older as I’ve had them over 7 years and weren’t young when we got them, definitely neutered boar and one sow, I think spayed as never ever displayed any signs of heat.  They are called Crispy and Bacon, I did not name them ☹️ they were grazing pigs, they lived in a ladies garden until she moved house with no space for them 😞

Tiggy & Wiggy are 7 years old, they haven’t been spayed. They are sisters and we’re used on a mobile farm. Normally the people who had them for this sent their pigs to slaughter after they grew too big. Luckily the man was very attached to Tiggy and just couldn’t bring himself to put her through that.... Very friendly. All 4 live together happily with no issue. They have been around human children, and likely dogs....”


Currently in Northumberland, transport available to any location. To be rehomed together or could be separate pairs.

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