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2008 - August 2023

Breed:  Middle white / saddleback cross

Very sadly, we have lost our King of the Wood, Raph.  He was one of the original pigs who moved to the wood from Cornwall.  His parents TomTom and Beth and sister Daisy also lived in the wood until they passed away several years ago.

At the grand old age of 16, he became the grandfather of the wood.  He often wandered the wood by himself, and was well-respected by the other pigs.  He had his own sty under a holly bush at the top of the wood, where it is nice and quiet.  He chose the site himself.  Despite taking it easy in his old age, he still liked to meet visitors on open days, and would open his mouth very wide for visitors to throw food in.  He was a kind and gentle soul, and very popular with our volunteers and visitors alike.  In his latter years, his main companion was Tilly, and also Arthur.  They both miss their dear friend terribly, as we all do.  

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