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Date of Birth: 2019


Died: 21st May 2023

Breed: TBC

Precious joined the wood on 4th April 2023, as a companion for George after his long term partner Day-Z passed away.  She previously lived with two pigs, but was rehomed after one of the pigs started to bully her.  Precious struggled to settle in to her new home, as she was very timid and shy, and seemed afraid of the other pigs.  She went off her food, and on several occasions left her shelter and hid for extended periods in the woodland.  Despite bringing her back in many times, and even building her a separate shelter deep in the woods, she failed to thrive and was very unhappy.  An emergency foster home was found for her and George, where we hoped she would finally relax and be happy, but tragically she succumbed to the elements before she could be moved.

We have all been deeply upset by the loss of this sweet and gentle girl.  This has never happened before, and lessons will be learned.

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